Carson City and Washoe Counties had a table at the Gun Show in Reno on May 3rd and 4th. Candidates from both Counties helped pay for the table.

Working the table were State Chairman John Wagner and candidate Assembly 40, Sidney Wagner, Washoe County Chairman Lynn Chapman, Don Cochran candidate for Washoe Recorder, Russell Best candidate for Congress District 4, Victoria Mynear, and Carson City Chairman Brittany Corbridge.

New party members were registered. Many more people are possible members in the future. Our Candidates for office were featured in our handouts as well as the Party platform. We had people stop by because they liked David VanDerBeek for Governor. Candidates help the Party grow because they promote Party values and recruit members.

Contribute at Help us get our candidate/platform brochure printed.

Elko County Independent American Party had a table at the Gun Show May 10 and 11 at the Elko Fair Grounds. It was a real success! We gathered the names of 24 people who were interested in our party. We handed out over 110 IAP fliers with our IAP candidates and platform. The reception was amazingly friendly, perhaps better than we have ever experienced. We sold bumper stickers, buttons, copies of the Constitution and homemade cookies and candies. We brought in $225.25 and made $163.82 profit after expenses. We made friends with many of the vendors who live throughout Nevada. The IAP table was manned by Elko County Chairman Mike Smith and his wife Cheryl, Mary Ann Polish County Vice-Chairman and her husband Jeff, Janine Hansen County Secretary and Mike Hawkins. We will be doing the gun show again in the Fall. Our next project is a float in the Fourth of July Parade in Spring Creek. Submitted by Janine Hansen.

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